Reasons to Visit the Neon Sign Museum in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a good dose of retro Vegas nostalgia, the Neon Sign Museum in Las Vegas is the place for you. These colorful, iconic signs that once stood tall, neon lights blazing and flashing, now lie to rest in a boneyard shrine of old Vegas glory. This outdoor museum has pathways lined with neon signs, opportunities to learn about their history, and plenty of unique photo opportunities. The colors and shapes are impressive during the day, but the magic really happens when they light up at dusk, the old dusty metal signs sparking to life once again. Read on for some visitor’s tips, and top reasons to visit the neon sign museum in Las Vegas.

Horseshoe Neon Sign at the Las Vegas Neon Museum

1. The Neon Sign Museum is a Great Day Time Activity in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a night time party town. That’s when the strip lights up, the Bellagio fountains are aiming for the sky, and the city’s infamous evening shows entertain thousands. While there is an endless number of things to do and places to go in Las Vegas during nighttime, the activities can be pretty limited in the day. Besides brunch, pool time, and shopping, there aren’t many day time activities available. The Neon Sign Museum is a great option to keep on your list of day time activities to keep your trip moving and interesting.

Photography at the Lady Luck Sign. One of the reasons to visit the Neon Sign Museum in Las Vegas.

2. The Neon Sign Museum is Close to the Las Vegas Strip

Depending where on the Las Vegas strip you’re coming from, the driving time to the Neon Museum can be between 10 and 20 minutes. The address of the Neon Museum is 770 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 8910. Having it located so close to the strip makes it easy to get there and back between activities, and your valuable vacation time doesn’t getting wasted being stuck in a car for too long.

Old signs in the outdoor exhibit

Parking at the Neon Museum

There is a free designated parking lot right next to the entrance. Free parking for me is definitely one of the reasons reason to add the Neon Sign Museum in Las Vegas to my list of places to visit. Parking in this city is at a premium, and I’ll take it where I can get it!

The giant pirate skull from Treasure Island Casino at the Neon Sign Museum in Las Vegas
The giant pirate skull from Treasure Island Casino

3. Pricing is Low (another great reason to visit the Neon Sign Museum in Las Vegas)

Las Vegas is a gambling town, so if you’re short on cash for one reason or another, the low price of admission is a great reason to visit the Neon Sign Museum. You can choose to buy tickets for day or night, or even become a member and get in for free. Ticket prices for the Neon Museum are even lower for Vegas locals.

Book in Advance

Since there are limited tickets available for each time slot, the popular times in peak summer months will fill up first. If you have a limited time frame during which to visit, be sure to book your tickets ahead of time. I would recommend planning your visit in the morning or afternoon to avoid heat and crowds.

Queen of Hearts sign at the outdoor museum exhibit

4. It’s Mostly Outdoors (the most covid-safe reason to visit the Neon Sign Museum in Las Vegas)

Besides the museum lobby entrance and gift shop, the entire Neon Sign Museum is outdoors. Las Vegas does get hot during the summer, giving you a good reason to plan your visit in the morning or night, or during one of the spring or winter months. The limited number of tickets sold for each time slot helps avoid crowds. During my visit in December of 2021, masks were required indoors in Las Vegas, not outdoors. While the masks were not required while walking through the outdoor portion of the museum, the staff and most of the visitors still wore the masks outdoors.

Lobby Entrance to Neon Museum
Lobby Entrance to Neon Museum

5. Amazing Photo Opportunities (my top reason to visit the Neon Sign Museum in Las Vegas)

I went to the Neon Sign Museum to find fun photography opportunities, and it was even better than I expected. I had timed my visit to be during golden hour and sunset, but winter had other plans and gave us cloudy skies. Cloudy skies however, always seem to be a blessing in disguise, because it gives photos a unique and moody look. I love the way they turned out. Check out my related article on Travel Blogging Photography Gear to get an idea of what equipment I usually bring on my photo shoots.

I had to wait a few times for some other visitors to exit my shot, but for the most part we had plenty of room and freedom to take all the iPhone pictures we wanted. They do not allow cameras or professional photo shoots during regular visits, but there are plenty of great paid photography options offered in the museum’s Film and Photography Policy. So if you’re just looking for fun, informal photo opportunities, a visit during regular hours should be just fine.

Frontier sign at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas

Some of my favorite Neon Signs to Photograph at the Museum

Some of my favorite gems included signs for the Stardust, the horseshoe, and, of course, the giant duckling. As you wander though this public tribute to Las Vegas nostalgia, be sure to stay on the designated walking paths and behind the ropes to keep these pieces of art in tact for years to come.

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Reasons to visit the Neon Sign Museum in Las Vegas
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