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Instagrammable Photo Spots in Solvang

The quaint town of Solvang holds their own personal slice of Denmark right here in sunny California. This picturesque town will make you feel like you’ve stepped right into Europe. I love photographing this awesome city, so I’ve made a list of my top Instagrammable photo spots in Solvang. If you’re heading to Solvang soon, be sure to check out my related article Planning One Day in Solvang, California.

In Front of a Windmill (the most iconic Instagrammable Spot in Solvang)

One of Solvang’s most iconic pieces of Danish charm are the infamous windmills. I don’t think it’s possible to see pictures of Solvang without seeing windmills. They are giant and colorful, and will stand out as an amazing background in any photo. There are quite a few to find in the town, but here are my two favorites:

1. Windmill at corner of Copenhagen and 2nd Street

Hamet Square Windmill Instagrammable Photo Spot in Solvang
Hamet Square Windmill Photo Spot in Solvang

2. Red windmill on Mariposa Drive near Alisal Road

Windmill Photo Spot in Solvang
Windmill in Solvang

In a Vineyard

Solvang is right in the middle of wine country, and you can find plenty of tasting rooms right in the center of town, offering wine tasting flights at great prices. While these tasting rooms are convenient, and a great way to experience the local wine scene without leaving town, you are actually able to get a more authentic experience by driving to the nearby vineyards themselves. There are many located just 5-10 minutes away from the center of town. Grab a glass of vino and let yourself wander. You will no doubt find tons of Instagrammable photo spots in front of vine-covered buildings, farm tables under shady trees, and between rows of growing grapes.

Walking through vineyards at Rideau Winery in Solvang, an Instagrammable photo spot
Walking through vineyards at Rideau Winery

Recommended Instagram-Worthy Vineyards

1. Rideau Vineyard

Rideau Vineyard is a family owned property in a beautiful and lush, green setting. Their sustainable farm makes small-lot, handcrafted wines that you can enjoy and purchase on site. They have several wine flights available and very nice outside seating. On my recent visit they let me take my wine on a stroll as I explored the grounds and took some photos.

Address for Rideau Vineyard: 1562 Alamo Pintado Road, Solvang, CA 93464

2. Rusack Vineyard

Rusack Vineyard is located close by as well, and is also situated on a gorgeous, spacious property. They are a smaller boutique winery, but they offer a ton of different wines. Enjoy sitting outside and sample some of their wine flights. 

Address for Rusack Vineyard: 1819 Ballard Canyon Road, Solvang, CA 93463

3. Buttonwood Farm Winery and Vineyard

Buttonwood Vineyard is a short drive from Solvang, and is a perfect escape for an afternoon. Their lovely estate sits on top of a hill where you can oversee their orchards and gardens. Sip some of their amazing wines and enjoy the beautiful view.

Address for Buttonwood Vineyard: 1500 Alamo Pintado Road, Solvang, CA, 93463

With the Little Mermaid Statue (the most popular Instagrammable photo Spot in Solvang)

This small mermaid is actually a replica of a larger mermaid that has been sitting on a rock near the shore in Copenhagen since 1913. Now she sits as a symbol of Solvang’s Danish pride in this California town. This Instagrammable photo spot is easy to miss, so be sure to keep your eye out. You can find the Little Mermaid herself in a big round fountain on the corner of Alisal Road and Mission Drive.

Little Mermaid Statue in Fountain in Solvang. Perfect activity for planning one day.
Little Mermaid Statue in Fountain in Solvang

In a Danish Bakery

The bakeries in Solvang are next level. Step into these baked good havens and smell that sweet fragrance of flaky fresh pastry and sugary filling. The displays alone are photo worthy, and it’s a great place to have a quick breakfast or afternoon pick me up. But posing with a giant Danish pastry in front of a windmill? Instagram gold.

Pastry Counter at Mortensen's Danish Bakery
Pastry Counter at Mortensen’s Danish Bakery

Recommended Solvang Bakery: Mortensen’s Danish Bakery

Mortensen’s is a classic bakery in Solvang, and I had the best coffee and raspberry danish for breakfast on my last visit. There is a great courtyard out front for sitting, and and shaded tables on the side as well. Be sure to plan ahead as the lines can get long here on weekend mornings.

Address for Mortensen’s Bakery: 1588 Mission Drive, Solvang, CA 93463

Mortensen's Danish Bakery: Perfect stop for planning one day in Solvang, California
Mortensen’s Danish Bakery

At Ostrichland, USA (the most quirky Instagrammable photo spot in Solvang)

This little gem of a stop is perfect for capturing those eye-catching Instagram photos. Perfect for animal lovers, Ostrichland is a family owned farm that keeps ostriches and emus for visitors to view, and even feed. For a small fee, you can purchase a bowl of food, and hand feed these amazing birds.

Instagrammable photo spot in Ostrichland USA, a Road Trip Stop on the way to Solvang
Eye to eye with an ostrich

The property is large, with plenty of roaming grounds, and the animals are very well treated. Bonus: snap some photos in front of the ostrich themed art for a quirky twist on your instagram feed. For more information on Ostrichland, be sure to check out my related article, Road Trip Stop; Ostrichland, USA.

Address for Ostrichland, USA: 610 E Hwy 246, Solvang, CA 93463

Ostrich wings Instagrammable photo spot in Solvang
Ostrich wing photo spot in Solvang

Planning a Trip to Solvang?

Be sure to check out my related post Planning One Day in Solvang, where you can find tips on which Solvang activities to plan for morning, afternoon, and evening.

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Instagrammable photo spots in Solvang, California
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