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Fabulous Sun Hats for a Summer Vacation

Going on a summer vacation is the perfect excuse for buying a new and fabulous sun hat. Whether you’re heading out to the beach, lounging by the pool, or taking a city tour, it’s important to protect your skin and keep the sun out of your eyes. Having a cute hat is also an awesome bonus for your vacation photos. Below you’ll find my top picks and styles for summer vacation hats.

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Summer Straw Hat with Ribbon

Perfect hat for a beach day on a summer vacation. Something about a giant floppy hat can make anyone feel fabulous. Straw sun hats are perfect for hot days because they are lightweight and breathable. Tip: Switch out the ribbon with different colors to match your outfit.

Black Summer Straw Hat

Whenever I go on a summer vacation, I am sure to pack at least one light hat and one dark hat. The dark shade will catch more sun, but the straw material makes it breathable.

Embroidered Summer Straw Hat

What better than a statement hat than one with a statement literally on it? These are perfect for photo opps by the pool or beach. There are other options like “Just Chillin,” “Always on Vacay,” or “Just Married.”

Photos above were taken in Death Valley National Park. Left photo is from Badwater Basin Salt Flats and right photo is from Artist’s Palette.

Wide Brim Sun Hat with Lanyard

For the adventurer. Some occasions call for a hat strap, whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or exploring a new city. This one also comes in many colors.

Flat, Wide Brim Hat

By Gigi Pip. These flat, wide brim hats are my go to. They go with just about any outfit. This option comes in multiple colors. Gigi Pip is a solid brand with good quality that will last.

Wool Felt Cap

By Gigi Pip. These fabulous felt caps are super cute dressed up or down. The wool is a thick material, which will keep the sun out of your eyes on your summer vacation, and the light color helps keep things cool.

Summer Vacation: The Perfect Time for a Fabulous Sun Hat

I always recommend packing at least one dark hat and one light hat to match your outfit. Foldable hats are great to make your packing easy. Or you can always just wear the hat or clip it onto your luggage. Happy shopping!

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