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5 Things to Do in Bass Lake, California

Located in the center of California lies Bass Lake, a beautiful lake town that welcomes visitors year round. From boat rentals to hiking trails, Bass Lake has everything one needs in a vacation destination. Of all the activities available in this quaint mountain town, here are my top 5 Things to Do in Bass Lake, California.

1. Hiking

Out of these 5 things to do in Bass Lake, California, my favorite is hiking. There is nothing better than starting the day with a morning adventure into nature. I love exploring new hiking trails and bringing my camera along. You never know what gems you’ll find along the way. One great thing about the Bass Lake hiking trails is they all have great payoffs, including lake views, cascading waterfalls, and natural rock pools. For details on some awesome hiking trails, check out my article Popular Hiking Trails in Bass Lake, California.

The Way of the Mono Hiking Trail

2. Boating (one of the top 5 things to do in Bass Lake)

A summer trip to Bass Lake isn’t complete without taking a boat out on the lake. Whether you like fast paced water sports or relaxing boat rides, I recommend renting from Bass Lake Boat Rentals or Miller’s Landing. They offer everything you need including jet skis, fishing boats, kayaks, and wakeboard boats. This place is certain to have whatever type of water activity you’re looking for.

Girl With Blue Sails Tip

Blue Sails Tip: Bring along some friends and split the rental fee on one of the luxury pontoon/patio boats. These can seat up to 15 people, come with a barbecue, and have an optional slide addition. Get yourself those glam vacay lake vibes at a fraction of the cost.

3. Swimming

If boating isn’t your choice of water activity, there are plenty of places to swim at Bass Lake. Bust out the inner tubes and flamingo floaties and head to one of Bass Lake’s gorgeous recreational areas. There are designated areas for swimming to keep them free from boats. You can find these at the Pines Resort, Falls Beach, Recreation Point, and Forks Cove.

Hiking views of the lake

4. Fishing

Since the dam for Bass Lake was created in 1868, the lake has been a notorious fishing spot. It is stocked with a variety of fish year round, and varies with seasonality. In Bass Lake, depending on the time of year, you can expect to find Bluegill, Catfish, Crappie, Salmon, and Trout. You can rent fishing boats for a half day and full day from Bass Lake Boat Rentals or Miller’s Landing.

Sunset at Bass Lake, California
Sunset at Bass Lake

5. Enjoy the View (the most relaxing thing to do in Bass Lake)

One of my top 5 Things to Do in Bass Lake, California is to relax and enjoy the view. Whether you’re visiting for the day and just want to take in the scenery while having lunch at one of the recreation areas, or are staying at one of the many resorts, cabins, and vacation homes that offer a lake view, take a moment to sit, relax, and enjoy. If you want to plan an extra special moment, pick an evening to park yourself on a dock or a beach near the lake and watch the water flicker on the lake as the sun sets.

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5 things to do in Bass Lake California
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